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Parenthesis Press is pleased to partner with Engine Publishing and Gnome Stew to support New Game Day this February 2. What’s New Game Day? It’s the brainchild of Martin Ralya: holidays are fun, and gaming holidays are double fun, plus we all have games we’d love to try out, right?

Not only is trying new games its own reward, but if you post over at Gnome Stew about your new game experience, you could win prizes from Amazon, Engine Publishing, and Parenthesis Press – three participants will get a free digital copy of House of Cards for taking part. Click the above link for more info!


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Because alternate Tarot decks are always relevant here, I thought I’d pass along the latest to cross my path. Keith Senkowski is now accepting patrons over on Patreon – check out the lovely stained-glass look and variant symbology for yourself.

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