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Proofs are expected from the printer this week. Until then, it’s all about the sweet, sweet anticipation.

I’ve also been informed that a group of players just couldn’t wait to start playing, so they’re using their digital copies to start up PBEM House of Cards already. It’s always cheering to find out people have played something I made, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line at @houseofcardsrpg on Twitter, or on gmail at houseofcardsrpg or parenthesispress.


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I’ve uploaded the House of Cards character sheet for download. It’s actually formatted here as two sheets per letter-sized page; although that makes them a wee bit smaller than the one in the back of House of Cards, it’s convenient to print multiples. Enjoy!

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For those who want to use the optional Plot Cards mentioned in the Mysteries chapter, they’re available as a PDF for free right here. There are eighteen cards in total, with illustrations by the inestimable Katie McCarthy, a general category keyword, and some leading questions to spur ideas on how to mix things up. Just print and cut for easy pre-made plot twists for the next Shuffle!

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Indie Press Revolution has picked up House of Cards. The digital version of House of Cards will be available in four versions: PDF and ePub formats, with or without art. They’ve been uploaded to IPR and should be on sale any time are on sale now! Illustrated editions will run you US$5, while the stripped-down version will go for $3.

OR: the pre-order for the print copies will be launched shortly, but not at the same time as the digital copies go live (probably). IPR has policies that limit how early I can run a pre-order, so I want to make sure all the “i”s are dotted and the “t”s are crossed with the printer before announcing that. The reason I mention that is because if you order a print copy (which will be either US$30 hardcover or US$20 softcover after the pre-order period) you’ll get a digital version along with it for free.

So while I want to encourage everyone to rush out and buy the game as soon as possible, I also wanted to bring that situation to everyone’s attention so that nobody is caught off-guard.

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