Parenthesis Press is pleased to partner with Engine Publishing and Gnome Stew to support New Game Day this February 2. What’s New Game Day? It’s the brainchild of Martin Ralya: holidays are fun, and gaming holidays are double fun, plus we all have games we’d love to try out, right?

Not only is trying new games its own reward, but if you post over at Gnome Stew about your new game experience, you could win prizes from Amazon, Engine Publishing, and Parenthesis Press – three participants will get a free digital copy of House of Cards for taking part. Click the above link for more info!

Because alternate Tarot decks are always relevant here, I thought I’d pass along the latest to cross my path. Keith Senkowski is now accepting patrons over on Patreon – check out the lovely stained-glass look and variant symbology for yourself.

If you’re familiar with the Humble Bundle, then you know the concept already: a compilation of indie games that you can buy by paying what you want, benefiting a charity. In this case, the Tabletop Drop sells you a collection of core rulebook PDFs for indie tabletop RPGs, donating 10% to Reach Out And Read, a group which helps doctors and nurses provide books and literacy support to children.

House of Cards is proudly part of this collection, along with some other fantastic small-press RPGs. Head on over to thetabletopdrop.com to pick yours up: the bundle is only available for two weeks!</p>


Artist Kaitlynn Peaver has successfully funded a beautifully-illustrated project called the Deck of Legends. There are still some great stretch goals to hit, and a lunar month left in the campaign, though, so feel free to go chip in. Kaitlynn’s work would make a fantastic thematic choice for a resolution deck if you’re playing a dreamscape-heavy game of House of Cards!

The real Knecht Park


This is a photograph of the real-life park on which Knecht Park in the sample scenario “Dreams on the West End” is based. Feel free to use it as a visual complement when you play it. (Photographer: Carlie Hensley)

Today’s special Google logo celebrates the 107th anniversary of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo with a short animated comic that unfurls, row by row, as you click the little ribbon in the lower right corner. The art is fabulous, and as owners of House of Cards no doubt already know, Little Nemo is cited as one of the founding influences on the game. Go have a look on the main Google page today!

For those of you who’ve perhaps been on the fence about getting a print copy of House of Cards, perhaps this will nudge you in the right direction: the price just went down! Head over to our section at IPR to nab a hardcover for $25 or a softcover for $15. As always, a digital copy is bundled free with the purchase of any physical copy.


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